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"I don't want to wear your crown, there is enough to go around."

How much better would the world be if we supported each other instead of talked about each other? How much better would conversations go with other women if you truly believed there was room for each and every woman to live a successful story? There are so many comparisons and the comparison trap is not only deep, it is beyond dangerous to your self-worth. I honestly feel that from the age of 14 to the age of 25 (just a year ago) that I fell into this trap because I did not pursue self-love or the thought that my life could mean more that I could do more. I hate to repeat the sentence DO MORE in my second blog. In reality when you are working on yourself, your business, your degree, your relationships or whatever it is that YOU could be doing, chance is you are not comparing yourself to others. Not downing yourself when you are busy doing more for you, your friends and your family. Pettiness comes into play in my life on usually a daily/weekly basis and I am so thankful that I am finally at a place where I do my best to not let it affect me. This lesson was so hard for me to learn that I am in control of my feelings no matter what even if someone is trying to make me feel bad for NOT BEING SKINNY ENOUGH, NOT BEING A GOOD ENOUGH MOM, NOT WORKING, WASTING MY LIFE DREAMING THAT I CAN MAKE MONEY OFF OF BLOGGING AND TSHIRTS. These comments that I have heard from people who are trying to hurt me or people that are trying steer me more towards a "normal path," whatever that is. BUT instead of letting them control my happiness, my success, and my peace; I chose to not believe a single comment. I surpassed my goal for sales in JUNE and I expected JULY to be a slow month but I believe we are closing in on surpassing another goal in sales each day. As well as sales, I have been in the process of creating 8 new designs releasing in August. The thing is I don't want to wear anyones else's crown or put them down. I want to show the world, especially women to believe in themselves and their work. I am not saying every woman should go start her own t-shirt company, but I am saying whatever your soul is seeking go after it. Even if you are afraid, we only have one life to live. Even if just 1 woman starts journaling, going to the gym, starts a new business venture or even just takes the time to say "I BELIEVE IN MYSELF" because of this blog. I feel my work of working on trying to get us as a community of women to rise together, lift one another up and STOP COMPETING is being accomplished. There is plenty of work to be done in everyone's community and it is very hard to be apart of good causes if you are busy competing. Weston Jane will be donating around $300 at this time, maybe more, to a local West TN nurse dealing with cancer. If I had not took a risk or believed in myself this wouldn't be happening. Instead of worrying about why certain boutiques say that they would like to carry my tees but never follow through or why I have 200 website visits one day and only 3 orders, I CHOOSE TO DO GOOD. I honestly hope to be apart of as many good causes as I can in the next year. I have a Tennessee Queen tee coming that will be a sponsor tee for the pageant, Miss Paris, that I am on the committee on. I hope to be apart of young girls lives and encourage self-love and self-worth from a young age. I am happy with the crown that I am wearing and that's why I have to say for the first time that I'm not comparing. Are you happy with where you are? It took me forever to believe it, but its nice to know that you can be in control of your happiness regardless of the snide comments and pettiness that we go through in day to day life. KEEP LIFTING EACH OTHER UP and keep being the woman that is not swayed by others opinions and I truly believe you can unlock a whole new potential.

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