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Stay at Home mom depression and how I was able to rise above it.

If you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, or somewhere in between, go ahead and give yourself a huge pat on the back. BEING A MOM IS HARD AND OUR BIGGEST TITLE. I have two littles, Beau Weston age 4 and Audrey Jane 20 months. I worked in occupational therapy part time and full time until here recently. I am now staying home and raising my littles and pursuing Weston Jane. I had stay at home mom depression when my son was little, but I quickly jumped back into work when he was around 9 months old full time. After I had my daughter in September 2017 is when I had a wake-up call that I was meant for more and that I could do more. I could help and promote other moms as well as become more apart of the moms supporting moms community that I dearly love. Not that being a MOM isn't enough or not hard enough. I just had the will to do more and open my own shop. It has not been easy and there has been plenty of tears over designs that failed or business relationships that didn't pan out. BUT the good news is, I am no longer sitting on the couch crying or gaining unnecessary weight. My whole life I wanted to be a MOM but I also wanted to be a WOMAN following her dreams and for a long time I believed I could not be both. I have been reading Rachel Hollis's book Girl Stop Apologizing and I feel myself growing as I turn each page. A little background history for you most of the women in my family did not work and showed signs of depression or needing more. This is why I waited forever and ever to start finally following my dreams because I believed for the longest time that I have to work or I will be at home depressed. Here I am two years later with a website that receives orders every week and a business that has donated to ST JUDE and CYSTIC FIBROSIS FOUNDATION. Life is hard no matter what path or journey you choose. The greatest accomplishment is rising above it and remembering that YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE. THE POWER OF PRAYER, PATIENCE, AND PERSEVERANCE have helped me fulfill this journey thus far.

                                    With Love Always,

                                                                   Katie (MOM) (OWNER of Weston Jane)


  • I love you sweet Katie! Thank you for sharing!
    Keep up the work!

  • God is so good and faithful to His people! Congratulations on the success of Weston Jane!

    Cat Rivers
  • You are truly an inspiration Katie and I am really glad to know you and your children

    Barbara matlock
  • I’ve been waiting for this blog post. Thank you for following your dreams. I appreciate and support small business owners whenever possible. Love my Weston Jane shirt!

  • You go girl! Post partum depression about did me in. My twins were 27 week preemies. I stayed home with them for two years. Got mom shamed by a 6 year old, when she asked me why I didnt work. I’m praying for Weston Jane s success. And P.S. “You’re my favorite nurse” RHW. Lol


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